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INTU Blinds – What are they?

Have you ever experienced the struggle of opening your windows but the blind gets in the way? Have you ever thought “What a genius idea it would be if my blind connected to the glass and opened with the window”?

Our INTU blinds are revolutionary, clipping into the window frame, securing the blind to the window whether you’re opening or closing it. Meaning there are No Holes, No Screws, Just Style!

The system frame is available in 4 standard colours, white, brown, silver and newest addition anthracite which co-ordinate well with similar toned window frames, blending in nicely and making it look as though there is no system there at all!

New for 2019, We have launched the most stylish Hive & Pleated Collection to date, with stunning plains in top trending colours, alongside designs such as florals, geometrics and minimal markings. All of our fabrics in the collection are available to use with the INTU system.


Multizone is another option to use with Flooring and Blinds Hive & Pleated fabrics. Multizone allows for the blind to be opened from the top down and bottom up, meaning this can be positioned at any specific height on the window, so when the sun moves, so can the blind!


Perfect for Conservatories 

But what about smaller window frames? Slimline pleated blind system, INTU Micro, has been designed to fit perfectly into compact spaces and bi-fold doors. Our selection of Micro fabric across both Hive & Pleated has been designed to co-ordinate with the smaller slimline system.

Also new for 2019 is Flooring and Blinds  Venetian Collection, which boasts a collection of matt, gloss and textured slats, in a selection of vibrant and neutral tones. For those who would like some improved privacy or security from their Venetian blinds, why not consider INTU Privacy.

Venetian Blinds offer optimum light control, but our Privacy options takes this one step further. With no visible holes in the Venetian slat, Privacy gives a more complete closure in your window, minimising light gaps when the blind is in the closed position. This brings both a feeling of privacy, but also increased security when you are on holiday or away from home.

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